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DGOFEN is specialized in auto spare parts Our parts are applicable for Volkswagen Audi Mercedes Benz BMW Peugeot Renault Opel GM Ford Toyota Nissan Kia Daewoo and other European American Japanese cars All of them are exported to Europe America Asia Africa and other regions in the world We have continuously improved our products quality It s our permanent commitment to our customers to continuously develop innovative products We have kept good cooperation relationship with our suppliers and partners which are leading Chinese manufacturers We devote ourselves to the construction of the terminal channel in auto parts aftermarket Experienced work team could bring customers better business with...

Categories and Products

Timing Kits

Timing Kits 73001, 9-3001 for Chevrolet 5.0L Timing Kits 73004, 9-3004 for MERCURY 5.0L Timing Chain Kits 73053, 9-3062 for JEEP Timing Kits 9-3057, 73054 Fit FORD V8-5.0L Timing Kits 76137, 9-0195SA for GMC 3.7L Timing Kits 9-0195SC, 76139 Fit Isuzu i-280 Timing Kits 73066, 9-3061 for FORD V6-3.0L Ford Timing Kits 90-86 V6-2.9L, 73067, 9-3070 Timing Kits for GMC V6-4.3L 73070, 9-3056 CHEVROLET Timing Chain Kits 73116, 9-3809 V6-3.1L Timing Kits 9-4174S, 76053A for NISSAN L4-1.6L FORD& MERCURY Timing Kits 9-0387S, 76073 Timing Kits for GMC 73064, 9-3059, C-3033 NISSAN Timing Chain Kits 76202 Timing Chain Kits 9-0397SA, 76082A for DODGE V6-2.7L Timing Kits 9-0303SC, 76110 for Dodge& Jeep Dodge & Jeep Timing Kits 76083, 9-0393S Timing Kits 9-0391SB, 76112 for FORD V8-5.4L Timing Kits 9-0753S, 76210 for Buick& Chevrolet Timing Kits 76153 for Nissan L4-2.5L 

Expansion Tank

Coolant Expansion Tank for VW Cabrio 1H0121407A Expansion Tank for Chevrolet 13256823 Land Rover 4.0L Expansion Tank PCF101590 Coolant Expansion Tank 2215000349 for Mercedes-Benz Renault Trafic 2003-2015 Expansion Tank 7701206774 Coolant Expansion Tank 95AB-8K218-B2D for Ford Escort Rover 25 Coolant Expansion Tank PCF10086 Expansion Tank PCF101200 for Rover Expansion Tank 1304222 for Chevrolet Ford Focus Expansion Tank 1104120 Ford Mustang Expansion Tank 2R3Z8A080AC Expansion Reservoir Tank 701121407B for Volkswagen Coolant Reservoir Tank 95352004 for 2013-2015 Chevrolet Spark Chevrolet Sonic Radiator Tank 95048411 Engine Coolant Tank 21030881 fits Saturn SL Buick& Chevrolet Coolant Reservoir Tank 25713160 Radiator Coolant Tank 4758269AB for Intrepid 300M Radiator Expansion Tank 4596198, 05058511AB for Chrysler Coolant Radiator Bottle 1L8Z8A080BB for Ford Ford Coolant Reservoir 4C2Z8A080AA 


Crankshaft Position Sensor

Crankshaft Position Sensor 3918023000 for HYUNDAI Crankshaft Position Sensor 1800333, 3918022600 for HYUNDAI Crankshaft Position Sensor 55557326 for SAAB Crankshaft Position Sensor for HONDA 37840P0AA01 Crankshaft Position Sensor 391802B000 for HYUNDAI Crankshaft Position Sensor for CADILLAC 10456547, 213345 Crankshaft Position Sensor 39180-3E100 for KIA Crankshaft Position Sensor 19185434 for TOYOTA& SCION Crankshaft Position Sensor 9008019013 for TOYOTA Crankshaft Position Sensor for CHEVROLET 9115115 Crankshaft Position Sensor for TOYOTA 94855512, 213382 Crankshaft Position Sensor for BUICK 10456161, 213151 Crankshaft Position Sensor for CHRYSLER, 5269873, 5269873AA Crankshaft Position Sensor 56041479AC for DODGE Crankshaft Position Sensor 56028373AB for DODGE Crankshaft Position Sensor for CHRYSLER 4686352 Crankshaft Position Sensor for CHRYSLER 4609009, 2132067 Crankshaft Position Sensor 8200468645 for Renault Nissan& Renault Crankshaft Position Sensor 8200468647 Engine Crankshaft Sensor 7700875184 for Renault 

Camshaft Position Sensor

Camshaft Position Sensor 12561211, 213363 for GMC Camshaft Position Sensor 04897023AA, 2132467 for JEEP 04-00 DODGE Camshaft Position Sensor 2132380, 4778796 Camshaft Position Sensor 2134482 for MERCEDES-BENZ Camshaft Position Sensor for CHRYSLER M04882526, 882251AB ISUZU 03-01 All Camshaft Position Sensor 8104565410 OLDSMOBILE 92-88 Camshaft Position Sensor 25530325 Camshaft Position Sensor 213152 for BUICK REGAL Camshaft Position Sensor 4609086, 2131994 for CHRYSLER Camshaft Position Sensor 5604158AF for Jeep Liberty Hyundai Camshaft Position Sensor 39300-2A000 Hyundai Camshaft Position Sensor 39300-2F000 Camshaft Position Sensor 39300-27400 for Ford Nissan Camshaft Position Sensor 23731-4M500 Camshaft Position Sensor 37840PLC006 for HONDA 2001-2005 Camshaft Position Sensor for Chevrolet 90919-05026 Camshaft Position Sensor 4609089AC for Dodge Camshaft Position Sensor 4686237 for Plymouth 97-94 Engine Camshaft Position Sensor 5149078AC for Dodge Camshaft Position Sensor for Chevrolet& Oldsmobile 10137664 

Throttle Position Sensor

Throttle Position Sensor for Toyota 8945202020, 8945220130 Throttle Position Sensor 0K24718911, 0K30A18911 for Kia Throttle Position Sensor for 1987-1995 Ford E7DF9B989AA Throttle Position Sensor for BUICK 21954 CHEVROLET Throttle Position Sensor 94580175, 213895 Throttle Position Sensor 7701044743, 1639400QAA for RENAULT Throttle Position Sensor for DODGE 2132095, 2134673 MITSUBISHI Throttle Position Sensor MD614734, 216680 Throttle Position Sensor 56027942, 220161 for DODGE Throttle Position Sensor 1985001030, 216659 for MAZDA Throttle Position Sensor 216697 for MAZDA TPS SUZUKI AERIO 1580519, 2134542 TPS CHEVROLET& SUZUKI 229917, 91175256 TPS 17125483, 25319901 for CHEVROLET 2007 Throttle Position Sensor for HYUNDAI 3510233100 TPS 97163164, 226204P202 for NISSAN 04-99 Throttle Position Sensor 2132114 for HYUNDAI Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) For Acura 37825-PAA-A01 TPS Sensor for Mercedes-Benz 3437224035 Throttle Position Sensor 134118A012097 for Dodge 

ABS Sensor

ABS Sensor for MAZDA B25D-43-73XG ABS Sensor 46740213 for Fiat Doblo Cargo ABS Sensor 33004761, 7700722143 for JEEP CHEROKEE ABS Sensor for CHEVROLET 92211237 ABS Sensor 1K0927807 for AUDI& VW ABS Sensor 8D0927807C for AUDI A4 ABS Sensor 34521182076 for BMW ABS Sensor 34520025723, 34521165534 for BMW M5 ABS Sensor A9065400117 for Dodge Sprinter ABS Sensor 6Q0 927 803 B for Audi ABS Wheel Sensor 1J0927803 for VW Beetle 7H0927704 ABS Wheel Speed Sensor for VW ABS Wheel Speed Sensor 52125003AB for Jeep ABS Sensor 88963559 for Chevrolet 06-99 Chevrolet ABS Wheel Speed Sensor 96626080 ABS Sensor 1635401017 for MERCEDES-BENZ ABS Sensor ALS1916 for Dodge & Jeep ABS Sensor 454579 for Peugeot ABS Speed Sensor 44961897 for Ford 2004-2007 ABS Sensor 8200195825 for Dacia & Renault 

Oil Pressure Switch

Oil Pressure Switch for Dodge& Jeep 05149097AA Buick& Cadillac 10201490 Oil Pressure Switch Oil Pressure Switch 12570964 for Chevrolet& GMC Oil Pressure Switch 10096170 for Chevrolet Ford 1F0017640 Oil Pressure Switch Oil Pressure Switch 12562267 for GMC Oil Pressure Switch 56031005 for Audi Jeep 56031003 Oil Pressure Switch Oil Pressure Switch 5233397 for Plymouth Oil Pressure Sensor 3080406 for Dodge Oil Pressure Sensor 4921475 for Volvo Volvo Oil Pressure Sensor 4921473 Oil Pressure Sensor 3865346 for Dodge Oil Pressure Sensor 3084521 for Ford Oil Pressure Sensor 3865312 for Cummins 

Knock Sensor

Knock Sensor 10456603 for Cadillac & Pontiac Knock Sensor for Buick 12570125 Toyota 88971397 for Knock Sensor Knock Sensor 22060AA070 for Subaru Infiniti 22060-30P00 Knock Sensor Knock Sensor for Peugeot 9632754980 Infiniti 22060-30P00 Knock Sensor 

Speed Sensor

Speed Sensor YS6T9E731AC for Ford Speed Sensor E7TZ2L373A for Lincoln Speed Sensor 1062545 for Ford Speed Sensor 42620-39051 for Dodge Speed Sensor for 4262139210 for Hyundai 

Oil Pump

OIL PUMP FOR MERCEDES V-CLASS 6011801401 Oil Pump for MAZDA 93-97 F72Z6600A OIL PUMP FOR MAZDA B63014100B FORD PROBE Oil Pump F212-14-100C Oil Pump For Chrysler Dodge 4663745AB Engine Oil Pump 376314100 DODGE JEEP 3.7L, 4.7L Oil Pump 53020827 Engine Oil Pump MD152909 for DODGE Engine Oil Pump MD021530 for HYUNDAI MITSUBISHI Engine 2131032064 Oil Pump Toyota Camry 2.0L Oil Pump 15100-63010 13500-53Y00 for Nissan L4 16V Oil Pump Oil Pump 15010V030A Fits Nissan 280ZX Oil Pump F3AZ6600A for Ford& LINCOLN& MERCURY Ford & Lincoln C20Z6600A Oil Pump Oil Pump XK2Z6600AA for Mazda B4000 Oil Pump for Toyota 1510011050 Oil Pump 2806270 for Chrysler & Dodge Oil Pump 46678884AC for Dodge& Chrysler Oil Pump FOTZ6600A for Ford & Mercury 

Radiator Motor Fan

MERCEDES BENZ C CLASS Cooling Fan 0015001293 Radiator Cooling Fan for Mercedes Benz 0015001393 Radiator Cooling Fan Motor fits Volkswagen 1K0959455DG Radiator Cooling Fan for Volkswagen 1J0959455 Volkswagen Radiator Cooling Fan 165 959 455 Seat Cordoba Radiator Cooling Fan Motor 6K0959455B Cooling Motor Fan 443 959 455N Radiator Cooling Fan 1K0959455N for Audi A3 Cooling Fan 001 500 1693 for Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz 0005007693 Cooling Fan 


Wheel Bearing

Wheel Hub Bearing 402102Y000 for Nissan Wheel Bearing for LAND ROVER 748139182470 NISSAN Wheel Hub Bearing 4320001M01 Wheel Hub Bearing 8932000435 for MERCURY Wheel Bearing FORD 748139226075 INFINITI 930700 Wheel Hub Bearing Peugeot 106 Wheel Bearing GB40547S01 Wheel Bearing 1L241104AC for LINCOLN JCB 3CX 3D 3DX Wheel Bearing 90750200 FORD Wheel Bearing YS4Z1A049AA Wheel Bearing FC40650S01 Compatible With Vauxhall Wheel Bearing 40202-EL000 Compatible With Nissan Wheel Bearing 42410-32100 Compatible With Toyota 

Clutch Release Bearing

Clutch Slave Cylinder 12574147 for GMC Sierra Volkswagen Clutch Release Bearing ZA2803A1 Chrysler & VW Clutch Slave Cylinder ZA3608D1 Clutch Release Bearing 02M141671A for Audi A1 Vauxhall 2000 Clutch Release Bearing 55558371 Clutch Slave Cylinder 9126238 for Vauxhall Clutch Slave Cylinder 90522729 for Opel Astra Clutch Slave Cylinder 96286828 for Chevrolet Audi TT 06-00 Clutch Master Cylinder 1J1721388A 8E1721401AG Clutch Master Cylinder for AUDI A4 Clutch Master Cylinder 15998929 fits GMC Clutch Slave Cylinder 7G917A564AC for Ford Audi A8 Clutch Slave Cylinder 8E0721257B Ford & Jaguar Clutch Slave Cylinder 94ZT7A564AA Clutch Slave Cylinder fits GMC 12570343 Ford & Mazda Clutch Slave Cylinder XS417A564EA Clutch Slave Cylinder 1J0-721-261A for Audi Clutch Master Cylinder KG190134.4.1 fits for Ford Clutch Release Bearing ZA3407B1 for Chevrolet 

Tensioner Bearing

Tensioner Pulley for Timing Belt VW 026109243 Timing Belt Tensioner Audi A6, 5310082000 Timing Belt Tensioner 1058458 for VOLKSWAGEN Tensioner Pulley Skoda 028109243D Tensioner Pulley 030109243K for Seat& VW Timing Belt Tensioner VOLKSWAGEN 06A109479 AUDI TT Timing Belt Tensioner 06B109243D Timing Belt Tensioner Fiat 16108921 Timing Belt Tensioner MAZDA 244102X000 Tensioner Pulley F80112700 for MAZDA FORD MAZDA Tensioner Pulley E92Z6M650A Timing Belt Tensioner 14510PGEA01 for Acura Timing Belt Tensioner 14550PGEA01 for Acura Belt Tensioner 55567191 for Astra& Corsa Chevrolet 90499401 Tensioner Pulley 03-99 Tensioner Pulley 24450 38001 fits Hyundai& Kia Tensioner Pulley Fits Fiat& Lancia 06267 Fiat Tensioner Pulley 443 8894 Tensioner Pulley 1281079J50 for Fiat Tensioner Pulley 7700665224 for Renault 

Coolant Recovery Tank Cap

Expansion Tank Cap 17114379047 for BMW BMW Radiator Expansion Tank Cap 17111742232 Coolant Recovery Tank Cap 17111742231 BMW Expansion Tank Cap for Mercedes-Benz 1635000006 Audi 443121321 Coolant Recovery Tank Cap Radiator Expansion Tank Cap 025121321B for Volkswagen Water Tank Cap 1H0121321B for Volkswagen Coolant Recovery Tank Cap YL848100AA Ford Escape Volvo Radiator Expansion Tank Cap 1674083 Expansion Tank Cap 15042975 for ISUZU Water Tank 06C103485N for Audi A4 Coolant Recovery Tank Cap 55116897AA for Cadillac Buick 13502353 Radiator Expansion Tank Cap Expansion Tank Cap 25441-26100 for KIA Coolant Recovery Tank Cap 93220885 for Opel Opel 1304666 Water Expansion Tank Cap Radiator Cap 7700805031 for Renault Radiator Cap 820048024 for Renault Radiator Cap for Fiat 9638001280 Coolant Recovery Tank Cap 3M5H-8100-AD for Ford & VOLVO 

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